The #1 learning app to boost academic skills + fuel curiosity

Did you know curious kids do better in school and develop a lifelong love of learning?

That's why the Curious World app was created by educational experts to fuel curiosity by developing 8 essential life skills. With no ads EVER, so you know they're safe.

Grow curious minds

At Curious World, we thrive on fostering curious children. Our preschool learning app allows your kids to choose their own learning path across 8 key life skills:

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Creative expression

Language and literacy


Family and community

Social and emotional

Executive function


Health and wellbeing

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Learn with beloved classics and award-winning originals that children love.

Let them guide their own learning with total peace of mind

Safe ad-free environment on and offline

Your subscription unlocks our entire library of premium educational content on all your iOS devices, online and offline. Always safe. Always ad-free.

Comprehensive guidance and learning

Discover your child's activity across 8 key learning areas, including math, science, and reading, in our parent dashboard.

More than just screen time

Foster your child's curiosity offline through fun hands-on activities including cooking, crafting, science experiments, creative play, and more.

Learn with hundreds of games, books and videos updated weekly

Our ever-expanding world of games, books, videos, and activities is totally personalized to your child's age. And with new titles launching every week they'll never be bored.

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